What are you doing to improve team and leadership communication?
Leadership Development Team Building Team Development

When you fail to convey your meaning clearly, misunderstandings arise. Here, we will discuss about how to improve team communication.

How to build effective remote teams – our top tips
Digital Transformation Individual Development Team Development

An effective team has a lot to do with the interpersonal skills that each individual can bring to the table, better known as soft skills.

The future of Development & Selection – What makes Lumina Learning different
Individual Development Leadership Development Team Development

Are you looking for ways to take your organisation’s self-awareness, teamwork, and leadership to new heights?

The Future of Remote Working- the good, the bad and the ugly
Digital Transformation Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I)

The COVID-19 pandemic promoted remote working from being a workplace experiment to working its way towards being the new normal.

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Hi there! Dr Stewart Desson here. Thanks for coming along today! I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences on setting up Lumina Learning and hope you’ve found it useful for setting up or improving your own practice.

How to Build Engaging & Interactive Content for Virtual Delivery
Digital Transformation

See Our 5 Top Tips for creating highly engaging and interactive virtual content that delivers exceptional learning quality.

Dr Stewart Desson On What Makes Lumina Spark Different
Digital Transformation Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I)

The limitations of dichotomous personality testing is it lacks this distinction between the situational personalities.

The Big Challenge: helping organisations adapt to a new (virtual) world
Digital Transformation

Helping organisations and their people to adapt to a virtual world to meet the growing and shifting challenges the world faces today.

Did Covid-19 change who we are? Our research continues
Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the context in which we live and work. The big question is – has this fundamentally changed who we are?

5 Key Factors to ensure success with Lumina Leader 360
Leadership Development

Lumina Leader 360 and its methods can enable your Leaders to realise any improved performance in a highly targeted way.

Selling the Lumina Way
Influence Lumina Sales

Lumina Sales methodology is fundamentally relational and places the focus on serving the buyer is explained by Lumina Influence pyramid.

The Leadership Gap – The Difference Between Intended Communication and Actual Impact
Leadership Development

Lumina Spark personality model helps leaders close the leadership gap that exists between their intentions and the actual impact.

A Leader’s Guide to Having Difficult Conversations at Work
Individual Development Team Development

Conflict resolution and learning how to tackle difficult conversations are important parts of leadership development.

5 Classic Workplace Conflicts and How to Deal with Them
Team Development

What can you do when conflict is simply unavoidable? Missing a deadline and having to face a manager, for example.

Conflict Resolution Between a Manager and an Employee
Influence And Sales Leadership Development Team Development

Conflict resolution with an employee can be one of the hardest and most strenuous parts of a manager’s role.

Workplace Bullying: How to Spot it & Steps to Stop it
Leadership Development Team Development

Workplace Bullying persists throughout the world, damaging productivity, profit, and our real bottom line – people. How to spot it & stop it.

Bullying at Work: How can we tackle it if we don’t know what causes it?
Individual Development Influence And Sales

Bullying at Work: How can we tackle it if we don’t know what causes it? Bullying can come in all different forms.

Your Teams Need Conflict to Succeed – the Key is How Leaders Handle it
Leadership Development Team Development

Your teams need conflict to succeed – the key is how leaders handle it. What are the top two leadership challenges?

How to Reduce Workplace Conflict with a Personality Assessment
Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I) Leadership Development Team Development

How to reduce Workplace Conflict? Everyone’s personalities are different and therefore we all have different and ways of working.

Personality Dynamics – Can Personality Change Over Time?
Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I) Individual Development

Can Personality change over time? Personality is a set of traits of behaviour defining how we tend to react in certain situations.

Reducing evaluative bias from selection and development solutions
Inclusivity And Diversity (D&I) Talent Management And Selection

Evaluative bias is where we value one thing more than the other. Reducing evaluative bias from selection and development solutions.

Innovation in psychometrics over time

In the old days, psychometrics just existed. People developed personality psychometrics almost in an academic context before even the knowledge of competency at work, and then went around looking for an application for it. Those days have long gone.

The changing face of psychometrics
Digital Transformation Individual Development

With technology and big data, the psychometric landscape is changing rapidly. So where could we see psychometric testing going in the future?

Lumina Learning and design thinking – creative problem solving in action
Individual Development

Lumina Learning and design thinking – What is design thinking? It is a process showing people how to be creative in a more systematic way.

Using psychometrics for selection
Talent Management And Selection

Psychometric selection tests helps to figure out what a role requires and decide who are the right people that would be suitable for the job.

How can we boost happiness at work?
Individual Development Team Development

Many of us work 40 hours a week for 45-50 years, so happiness at work is very important. Our workplace should be a positive environment.

Legacy and Leadership
Leadership Development

The greatest challenges are predicted to be organisation-wide leadership capability and the effectiveness of management teams.

6 Sales Tips for Early Career Talent
Influence And Sales

We asked successful sales managers and executives what tips they had for people early in their sales career.

6 Sales Tips for Early Career Talent

Business is relational! Seasoned sales managers share top tips on how to succeed in sales when you’re at an early stage of your sales career.

Embracing Our Emotions – Both Positive and Negative
Individual Development Team Development

There is a lot of buzz in the industry around Emotional Intelligence, which primarily deals with having interpersonal skills.

Great Personality Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Great Performance
Influence And Sales

The goal of sales is to earn more than you cost. Personality doesn’t mean performance. And they are not intrinsically linked.