Boohoo to boring demos. Let’s have some fun.

The best way to explore Lumina Spark is to experience that ‘aha’ personal development moment for yourself. With your own Portrait (more boringly known as a ‘report’), you’ll be in the spotlight for some coaching and workshop exercises across the hour. We’ll have a play with challenges and opportunities you’re facing and where the unique Splash style stands out for helping people to be their best through increasing self-awareness and awareness of others.

One assessment that works for everyone

From exploring people’s high-level behavioural 8 Aspects for fast and simple awareness building, to their deeper 24 Qualities that gives the full picture of who people are, to what happens during challenges, pressure and clashes with the 3 Personas, you’ll get the full whistle-stop tour. We’ll help you get to know the more impactful, interactive and inclusive way to help people to succeed in the role and work better together with assessments.

What we’ll cover across the hour