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10 Oct

Virtual Event

Dr Stewart Desson & Jonathan Cannon

Is Hybrid Working Starting to Flop?

Whilst the shift to hybrid working has been popular, some good old diehard face-to-face connection remains important for many of us at work. With large hybrid-working companies reporting productivity beginning to drop, many are demanding the office return. Is it a knee-jerk reaction, are they right, or is there something they’re all missing in their hybrid strategies?


Improving the engagement of those working from home is a huge challenge that impacts performance across the board. Likewise, ensuring effective collaboration and communication amongst hybrid teams adds further complexity, and often to the distrust of managers. Striking the right balance is vital for everyone. With many leaders and employees locking horns, is it possible to get right?


Join us for a one-hour exploration where we’ll share the data-based story revealing how hybrid working has changed in the last few years, what’s worrying leaders, and what employees are saying they need to make it better. Can the in-office and from-home divide meet in the middle to make hybrid the most effective workplace, or is the challenge simply too big to solve? Sign up today!