Whispers and war cries

Difficult conversations at work don’t feel good for most of us. Cue the sweaty palms, the fear of grudges and the breakdown of team bonds. But taking things from awkward to awesome requires mastering those tough talks for the performance and wellbeing of everyone to improve. The longer the conversations wait, the worse. And when those conversations do erupt without well thought out steps, damage to trust, good will and collaboration can be near irreversible. But there’s some untapped magic in that conflict that can bring everyone closer when the psychological safety is there. So, what are we going to do about it?

Let’s talk it out

Turning those tense feeling water cooler whispers into open dialogues takes time, patience, and most importantly awareness of what a good conversation looks like. For the call, you’ll get our latest research distilled into some useful tried and tested facts and simple steps for anyone having difficult conversations that ensure teams trust one another, have the psychological safety to speak honestly, and keep conflict a healthy source of progress. Come along for the hour with a practical expert view and ask your questions as we go. You’ll also be the first to grab our new top-tips guide and worksheet packed with useful data and practical actions you can take too! Grab a seat.

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