AI’s take on behaviour & competencies

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What's already in use and how it is changing how we view people? We’ll investigate how AI compares to human methods for analysing, developing, and acting on people's behavioural competencies to improve performance and well-being work.

The impact on job roles

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What changes are we seeing already that could impact those involved in selection, development and talent? And We’ll peer into AI might change the roles of those involved understanding behaviour for selecting, onboarding and developing the talent of people.

Ethics around diversity, inclusion and equity

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Is AI ready to be used in full capacity, or are we reducing people to numbers? We're already seeing example of AI crunching behavioural data at incredible speed and spotting unseen trends, but likewise the potential for bias and discrimination too.

Quiz the experts

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We’re bringing the whole community together and we welcome your skills, experience, and voice in the room. Our expert panel will be taking your questions throughout the session.
Kickstart your knowledge
Opportunity, a gimmick, or a real risk? We’re all seeing the tools pop up, and they’re spreading to new industries fast. So how does AI compare to traditional methods for collecting, understanding and acting on people’s behaviour and competencies at work? How is this going to change the job roles for those in selection & development, and the people, teams and leaders being analysed? And how does AI compare to traditional methods addressing diversity, inclusivity, and equity challenges? It’s all on the table, and it all needs to be answered. Sound the trumpets, we’re on.
A clash of the experts
The expert panel have been gathered from all sides of the discussion. the difference in views through the rapid growth of AI demonstrates the need for more clarity so organisations and their people to choose how best to move forward together. Our panel will be reflecting on what’s already out there, what’s happening now, and what you need to know in this fascinating but daunting new sphere for selection, development, and ultimately everyone.

What we’ll cover across the hour

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