Unlocking the potential of a more diverse, inclusive, and connected workplace

Across the two days we’ll be exploring:

  • How can we evolve selection, learning and development solutions for the future?
  • How does learning need to adapt in the hybrid workplace?
  • How can virtual solutions create learning and connectivity between people?
  • How do we use virtual tools to support inclusion in the workplace?
  • How do we continue to support diversity in organisations?
Learn, Support, Connect and Celebrate
18 - 21 July, Virtual Conference
Lumina Connect and Reconnect are here for 2022! Every few years, we bring our global community together to celebrate the unique talents of those who work with us across learning, development and selection. It's also the perfect opportunity for those new to us to get on board and experience who we are and what we do. We’ll be meeting for two days at Twickenham Stadium, London, and virtually, to learn from our community’s industry-leading people solutions that are continuously transforming organisations, and ultimately help connect our changing world.
You’ll build lifelong connections with likeminded individuals who are dedicated to a more meaningful and powerful approach to people, that reveals the best of who they really are. Across the two days, we’ll collectively share and learn how to help power up people strategies and create more diverse, inclusive and connected workplaces that create success time and time again.
Come along and experience a series of global expert guest speakers, case studies from our Practitioner community, and workshops from our leading inhouse talent on how to build personal, team and leadership performance beyond expectation. Lumina Connect 2022 is your opportunity to get involved and help innovate our community, our vision, and how we empower people for the future. After such a long wait, we can’t wait to be back with you.
What to expect each day
Lumina Reconnect - 18-21 July Virtual Conference We’ll be running sessions across four days, in the morning and repeated in the afternoon, to account for global timezone differences
Morning Monday 18 July
Morning Wednesday 20 July
Morning Tuesday 19 July
Morning Thurs 21 July
Speakers at Lumina Reconnect 2022

Nick Shackleton-Jones

From Education To Learning

Nick is a revolutionary in People Learning. He brings unique experiences as former CLO at Deloitte UK. Nick is responsible for coining the ‘courses to resources’ shift with a track record of shaping future learning approaches for numerous public and private organisations.


He also brings experience from consultancy, Siemens, BBC and BP, as well as being the author of ‘How People ‘Learn’. Nick’s life work has led to him to be critically acclaimed as winner of Learning & Performance Institute’s Award for Services to the Learning Industry. He’s also won awards for people development, strategy, innovation, and learning content along his diverse career.


With our passion for innovation, Nick naturally stood out to us. As a memorable conference speaker, careful leader, & well-known in the corporate learning industry for ground-breaking work & thinking, we think you’ll love him!

Speaking on 22 June 9:30-10:30

AppsFlyer – A Personal Leadership Journey

Lisa will share her personal leadership journey through the Lumina coaching process along with Marisa who she partnered with to introduce Lumina to the AppsFlyer Leadership Team and broader organization.


Join us for a fireside chat with AppsFlyer Chief People Officer Lisa Zaythik and Global Executive Coach Marisa Sarfatti on the impact of developing leaders and creating a scalable learning culture.

Lisa Zaythik

Chief People Officer


I’m the Chief People Officer at AppsFlyer. Joining the company with its foundation in 2011, I’ve played a pivotal role shaping the company and its vision.


I built AppsFlyer’s core people functions such as AppsFlyer’s Academy, the People Operations business unit, and AppsFlyer Cares. During my leadership at AppsFlyer, I’ve helped the organsiation become recognized as one of the Highest-Rated Cloud Computing Companies to Work for During the Covid-19 Crisis.

Speaking on 22 June 11:00-11:30

Marisa Sarfatti

GlobL Executive, Leadership & Team Coach

Speak Easy

Marisa Sarfatti is a Global Executive, Leadership & Team Coach. For over 20 years she has helped leaders, specialists, and teams grow their daily communication and leadership skills.


Marisa has been a qualified Practitioner on Lumina Spark since 2010 and has enjoyed sharing both Leader and Spark with AppsFlyer over the last five years, as well as working closely with Lisa to bring it to the AppsFlyer leaders and ecosystem.


She works mainly with High Tech companies such as NICE, Amdocs, Checkmarx & Moovit to name but a few.

Speaking on 22 June 11:00-11:30

Sharon Bartlett

Organisational Development & Culture Partner

South Yorkshire Police

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things – Developing Police Leadership

I have over 20 years’ experience working on global leadership development and organisational culture projects with several blue chip organisations including Heineken, Shell, Airbus, AkzoNobel, BAE Systems, Unilever & Aviva. I am passionate about creating workplaces where people feel valued and inspired to achieve their full potential.


When your daily business is often a case of life or death it can be tough to make time organisationally to prioritise leadership development. The thin blue line is getting thinner and is under more scrutiny than possibly ever before.


To truly support diversity in organisations we need to avoid treating it as a standalone initiative and make sure it runs right through the heart and DNA of our organisations.

Speaking on 22 June 13:30-14:00

Nicola Jones


Athena Professional

Creating Human Connections Using Digital Resources

I own and run Athena Professional, a multiple award-winning learning & development consultancy. Much of my work is designing and facilitating blended learning to help people navigate digital transformation.


The future is all about deploying digital resources to enhance human experiences. Lumina Learning’s digital tools are a fantastic way to do just that. In this lively workshop we will explore how to design blended learning programmes which enhance the experience of learning, delivering a humanistic approach and real impact on work capability. Come and join us. You will be most welcome.


Virtual learning can provide a rich and engaging learning experience. Online we can be truly inclusive, using anonymous digital tools to allow honest and wide-ranging input. We can design for conversation and connection, and we can create longer learning journeys which increase the likelihood of transfer to work practice.

Speaking on 22 June 15:30-16:30

Mark van Enckevort

Strategic Advisor, Chair of B/Proud & Chair of Dutch Government Pride

Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands

Creating Inclusive Workplaces – Trait Based Learning

Before I was ready to come out of the closet at 35 I needed a burn-out. Gradually I found out that not being myself had kept me from living the life and having the career that suited me. My mission since is to help teams & organizations value all differences.


Being a Lumina Spark practitioner for over 10 years now and being the chair of two LGBTIQ+-networks, B/Proud at the ministry of Finance and the overarching network Dutch Government Pride, I have been striving for Diversity and Inclusion in our organizations for many years.


Only quite recently I discovered how these different paths of my career are not so different after all, no, they reinforce each other. In the end, if we take a look at the endless variety of traits people have, who cares about majorities or minorities? Every human being is unique and worth to be heard and seen.

Speaking on 23 June 9:30-10:30 and 11:30-12:30

Pamela Dale

Organisational Capability Consultant

Heineken UK

Our Journey With Lumina Spark at Heineken UK

I am a highly motivated and dynamic learning, training and development professional who thrives on continuous improvement and driving performance and results through people. I have extensive qualifications, personal development and experience gained through 20 years working as a specialist in the field of Learning, Training, Development and Coaching.


I will share our journey with Lumina Spark at HEINEKEN UK and how it is supporting our business at a Colleague, Team and Organisational level. I will also share the important role Lumina Spark plays in supporting our Inclusion & Diversity agenda.


I believe there are a number of key shifts in behaviours and mind-set, that are needed by organisations. These include, actively building a truly diverse pipeline of talents and capabilities and nurturing a deep sense of belonging and an inclusive and diverse environment through a company’s purpose, values and behaviours.

Speaking on 23 June 13:30-14:00

Lucy Brewster

Head of training – Lantern

Lantern Training – Empowering Somali Women

Lucy’s career has spanned a few decades and four continents. As a Board Director for a global communications firm, she worked in the UK, Argentina, Turkey and Thailand. She founded Lantern Training in Kenya in 2014 and has since spread the Lumina story to the United Nations, International NGOs and commercial organisations across East Africa.


Our work with the World Food Programme started in 2018. Using Lumina as a foundational tool, we have guided leadership teams across East Africa, reinforced respect in the workplace in Kenya, supported staff working in refugee camps on the Sudanese border and helped to build cohesion amongst WFP Somalia’s senior management team.


We are now faced with our greatest challenge. How can we use Lumina to build a working culture in Somalia where women feel safe to speak up, voice concerns and contribute equally?  Very few of the workforce in WFP Somalia are women, Lumina does not yet translate into Somali and this is the first time these teams will be having these conversations. I’m asking for your help!

Speaking on 23 June 14:00-14:30

BAE Systems

Future Talent programme

In designing our “Pathway” High Potential Tool, BAE Systems working in partnership with Lumina & Inspire, aimed to achieve greater objectivity in our identification of future leaders. We mapped Lumina Emotion and Spark Qualities against our Company Behaviours, to create a bespoke Personal Potential ‘Pathway’ profile, which is sticky and digestible for users/participants, line managers and other non-practitioners. We’ve successfully piloted the tool with multiple diverse groups, and will share more during our Future Talent Programme presentation.

Julia Colins

Head of Talent Development

I look after inclusive leadership Talent Development at BAE, launching programmes for underrepresented groups in 2021 including emerging female and ethnic minority leaders. Highly “Inspiration Driven”, I’ve found a welcome energy source in working with these diverse individuals.

Robbie Lyons

Future Talent programme lead

I am the lead for the Future Talent Programme at BAE, which is a HiPo development scheme that follows on from our UK Graduate programme and seeks to equip top talent with the skills and behaviours to be future business leaders. My splash says I’m 99% extrovert, so I guess that’s why I’m on stage doing a talk!

NG Bailey

Valuing Diversity and Competencies

NG Bailey is the UK’s leading independent engineering and services business. We employ in-house engineering experts to design and deliver electrical installation projects in the construction industry. Our development strategy is to inspire collaborative working and encourage our people to value diversity, support team members to develop their skills and reach their full potential.


Join us for an interactive workshop as we share real examples that demonstrate the psychological diversity of our Engineering teams, using Spark team portraits. The workshop will include:


– Sharing how we are designing training and development to encourage the appreciation and diversity of thinking in our teams

– Exploring the assessment activities designed for our Project Management population

– Personal reflections about how you make effective use of your strengths and Spark qualities

Becky West

Learning Partner

I am a Learning Partner at NG Bailey and I am passionate about helping our people be the best they can be. I have spent the last 15 years using my previous management experience in retail to help managers and supervisors engage effectively and motivate their team members to improve

performance. I balance my busy work life by spending my weekends in our homemade VW campervan hiking our way through all the mountains in the Lake District!

Jennifer Wood MCIPD

Learning Partner

Jennifer is an experienced Organisational Development professional and supports business leaders to enhance performance through people. Jennifer has worked in development for 20 years and specialises in the design and delivery of strategic initiatives; coaching leaders and management teams to unleash potential, drive sustainable change and improve organisational performance. Jennifer: Jennifer is an experienced Organisational Development professional and supports business leaders to enhance performance through people

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Workshops to Learn From

Engage with international leading L&D professionals from major brands across a range of workshops designed to help you experience the best solutions first-hand. Across leadership, teamwork, culture, inclusivity and talent, you’ll have the opportunity to interactively learn and network with others who have successfully addressed the same complex challenges you’re facing.

Diversity Panel Discussion

Guest speakers Cat Thao Nguyen, Mark van Enckevort and Julie Nelson will draw upon their personal stories that shaped their paths as diversity and inclusivity experts. Facilitated by our Japan Partner, Mireille Watanabe, the panel team will be leading the conversation on the best strategies for making D&I a powerful tool to create positive change and success.

Solutions Room

The Solutions Room is our end-of-conference get together dedicated to helping you transform what you’ve learned into impactful solutions for the future. You’ll create an actionable plan for whatever direction you wish to go.   With a diverse range of experts present, we’ll organise your various skills around Round Table teams to create powerful discussions that are pointed in your relevant direction. Together we will:  
  • Build multi-skilled Round Table teams who can address your challenge
  • Leverage and share the best expertise relevant to your needs
  • Create an action plan for that turns your learning into a step-by-step solution